Hello! My name is Dinky Smith

I am very excited that you are here. Welcome to Dinky Smith Life Coach and Blogger! It could mean that you are wanting to make some improvements in your life. This is the right place.  I am here to help you help me help you. Yep! Here for each other. Let's chat if you are interested in talking about working on you and your life.

I made some changes to my life after a tragic event. It meant that I had to re-evaluate ME after that experience. Grief and Depression are not friendly, as a matter of fact, they are monsters. I want to be a part of helping you realize the monster within and that it can change. Nothing can change the monster unless you create a change.

What is the reason that you want or need to make changes? That is a good question that everyone needs to ask themselves. Join me, as we grow together. Are you ready? Sign up here!

My Why

After my daughter was killed on my birthday in 2011, I isolated myself from the world. I hated everything that was around because I could not deal with my loss.

I created a world of spite and denial. I lived in that world. It was hard to breathe the same air as others around me because my aura only created more spite and discontent.

I am now on a path to recovery from that world. I FEEL again. It is amazing. Lilly would really want me to be happy. She shared the love with everyone and would counsel them on making changes to live a better life.

She is my inspiration!

Courage and Confidence

Courage and Confidence witness a horrible accident on the road. They pull over quickly to help the accident victims. Courage says, “I will get them out of the cars.” Confidence says, “I will help you.”

Together, they risk their lives to retrieve the victims from the cars. They had to fight the flames and the fumes to assure the victims are safe. They were in danger and did the best they could as a team.

Confidence tells Courage, “You were very brave. I am very honored to be your friend.” Courage thanked him and said, “You were so sure that you could get right in there and help me. I am honored to be your friend.” Confidence said that together they were strong and could do anything they wanted to do.

Fear and Doubt

Fear and Doubt witness a horrible accident on the road. They pull over quickly to watch the accident scene. Fear says, “I will get hurt if I try to help them.” Doubt says, “I don’t think there is anything we can do to help them.”

They called 911 to make sure that someone will come and save them. Together, they sat on the roadside and waited for help to come. They are safe in the car and no harm will come to them.

Finally, two brave people arrive and help the victims out of the cars. They fight the flames and the fumes to assure the victims are safe. Fear and Doubt watched them as they put their lives in danger.

Fear says and pointing at the accident scene, “Look! They are getting right in there to save the accident victims. They are so brave.” Doubt says, “That is wonderful! They are very brave."

Dinky Smith is a Certified Life Coach

A Life Coach is not a counselor. A Counselor is not a Life Coach. They are different in approach but want similar results. I am not trying coach anyone unless this is a service they need in their lives.

As a Life Coach, I want to be able to help others understand the sincere value that comes in obtaining help along your journey. Don't try to do it alone, your journey could worsen as time passes.

Let my experience and skills help you to overcome your perils with grief and depression. I believe my journey will allow me to understand your journey.

I want to help you

I love to talk but I am a great listener.
I am very creative and want to help you find the best way to improve your life
I think a person should be able to laugh with and at him or her self.