Tiny Spaces Need Love Too

Dated: 09/04/2019

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 Guest Contributing Author- Julian Lane

If You Love Tiny Homes, You’re Going to Need These Small Space Storage Hacks 

Do you love your home but not quite in love with the lack of space? Living in a smaller home means finding ways to get more creative with storage. So, how can you create this organizing magic in your home smaller home? By using these simple small space storage hacks.

 Add Some Shelves or Storage to Your Walls

 If you live in a smaller home, you don’t need a lot of clutter on your floors. In fact, clutter can present a fall hazard in your home. You can use a few decorativebaskets to corral that clutter in a more presentable fashion, but if you are running out of room for baskets and bins, it may be time to take your organizing efforts to new heights. More specifically, you can think about adding vertical storage around your home. Walls are an often-overlooked space when it comes to small home organization, but they can offer so many stylish options for storing, displaying, and organizing your household goods. You can try to DIY adding shelves or cabinets to your walls, but you could also end up causing damage to your home in the process. Instead, think about hiring local handyman services to get the job done safely. In Colorado Springs, handyman services tend to cost between $139 and $536, so you don’t have to spend a small fortune to make sure your shelving is just as sturdy as it is stylish.

 Find Decor That Was Made for Smaller Homes 

Living in a smaller home shouldn’t make you feel limited in your storage options. In fact, more and more Americans are choosing to live simpler lives inmuch smaller spaces. Tiny homes are popping up everywhere and making life a little easier for the people who live in them. What does the tiny home trend have to do with your organizing efforts? With more people living in less space, retailers are beginning to see value in creating stylishdecorand furniture that helps you make the most of minimal square footage. You can find nesting tables that give you entertaining and working space when you need it, and compact storage when you don’t. If closet space is stressing you out, clear out some room for your clothes by finding a shoe cabinet or organizerthat blends seamlessly with your decorating style. Most of these cabinets can pull double duty as decor, while others can be stowed away under your bed or other spaces.

 Look Outside Your Home for More Storage Space 

Even with a few new shelves and some smart decor, you may still be lacking space inside your home for all of your things. So, instead of stressing out over creating more storage inside, start thinking about taking your ideas outside. If you have some garage space, you can install shelves and cabinets there to help organize your belongings. Be sure to add a few brackets and hooks to get your bikes and tools off of the floor so you’ll have more room to move around.

Do you have some extra room out in your backyard? Well, instead of stashing items in your garage, you could think about building acustom shed. Those handyman services you looked up earlier will come in handy for this project too, and you can build a shed that really expresses your unique tastes. Just make sure your shed includes some shelves and cabinets to help organize the items you store inside. Finally, if you simply have no room and can’t part with any of your stuff, you could just get a storage unit. Self-storage is especially useful for seasonal items, such as holiday decor and ski equipment that you only need for part of the year. Just keep in mind that these tend to run between $50 to $85 per month in large markets.

 Making the move to a smaller home can be the right move for you. However, to keep your sanity, be sure to keep the organizing tips above in mind to make the most of every square foot of space inside your home. You’ll feel much calmer — and your home will look calmer as well.

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