Personality Assessment Tools

The MBTI Personality Type This is assessment tool measures your personality profile. You get some great information for the results, the end results measure against 16 different personality profiles. You can learn a great deal about how your preferences define your personality. You may want to consider a paid version for more in-depth findings.

16 offers a free test for you to check your personality profile. You will be able to understand your four letter identifier. There may be more than one profile as the results return on how you feel at the time of testing. Expect to have similarities to other profiles.

Example: ENTJ is a Commander  or natural-born leaders focused on efficiency, energy and strategic thinkers. E= extrovert (preferred to introversion/motivated by others), N=Intuition (preferred to sensing/big picture), T=Thinking (preferred to feeling/ logic oriented), J=Judgment (preferred to perception/planner). has 120 questions for this personality test. There are more reading resources available for your reading pleasure.