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Are you talking to me?

What is it like to try and listen to someone when you are not willing to be an active participant in a conversation? They cannot see your pain but they can be understanding of the situation that you are going through, if they know what it is.
For those that are close to you, there needs to be a certain way to communicate with you. If you totally block people out then they will not know when something is really wrong with you. How will they know what is happening if you are not sharing information with them? They are not mind readers and neither are you. Communicating with others can be difficult if you are not willing to do so.
Here is some information that might be able to help you.
Empathy is not something that everyone can understand especially if they have not gone through a relatable situation. This form of understanding is where a person can understand because of the been there and done that scenario. Their similar experience should make it easier for you to talk with them. Releasing some of the internal pressure of your grief and depression to an empathetic may certainly be the difference for your situation. It is important to have that type of relationship with somewhere in your life.
Sympathy is very flexible as any person may be able to try to understand what is happening with you. If the person you are sharing with has not experienced what you are going through, it may be harder for you to share your grief and depression. If you cannot find the words that help them to understand your situation, you may experience a higher level of frustration. If you are stressed with the situation, it may be time to find a group or counselor to help you.
Apathy is the situation where a person does and does not feel or unfeel what is going on around them. Most of the time, this person is so enveloped in their grief and depression and find it very difficult to open up and talk. They are numb and desensitized to the feelings and actions of others unless it is harmful to you. When you are experiencing grief and depression, it is very normal to experience the apathetic state of being. As sad as it is, others around you need to be aware of your situation and be willing to help you as needed.
This little bit of education into what it feels or does not feel like during grief and depression can be a game changer if you are willing to face a different view of reality. Do you still need to be in your situation? What can you do to make it easier for those around to communicate with you? This article was helpful in allowing me to share more information with you.
Grief and depression makes your life very miserable. How will your situation effect those around you? Are you shutting them out? Are you allowing them to understand how you feel? If you shut them out, you are creating an atmosphere that will make those around walk on eggshells. It is a miserable world for everyone.
They do not know what to say to you. They develop a fear of upsetting you even more than you already are. Those around you need to be able to talk to you. You are the only one that can open that door to communication. Don’t be afraid to open your heart and mind to others.

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